Michael Bubble concert at the Oracle arena in Oakland -4/6/10


Michael Bubble is the 34 years old Canadian singer that is famous for interpreting the Great American Songbook.  Bubble is a Sinatra wannabe (in a good sense) has taken the tunes of Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer, the Gershwin's brothers, etc.. to a new level that probably even Ol' Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) never dreamed possible.  It's amazing to think that Bubble is even more popular on other continents. For instance, that later this year the singer is set to perform before 100,000 fans during a two-night stand in Ireland, and that all the tickets were sold out in less than a day.  Not only does Bubble takes old songs and make them his own, but he also put out new tunes with his fourth studio album, "Crazy Love," which debuted at No. 1 in October and his most popular song to date is "Haven't met you yet" is a hit, fueling his popularity specially with the ladies.

Waiting for Bubble to come out and perform...

I've seen Michael performed on TV (KQED program) and I though he did a wonderful job entertaining the crowd so I hope he will do a job tonight!

This is the cover of Michael's latest album: Crazy love.


Bubble wearing his regular suit and tie came out and the crowd is roaring!

Michael opened the approximately two-hour show with the classic cut "Cry Me a River."

Surprisingly, I think Buble's voice isn't his biggest selling point. It's a bit thin and one-dimensional, but it does the job.  Maybe he is moving the microphone all over so some times it does not capture his voice properly.  However, I thought he was a great entertainer, telling jokes, sometimes raunchy ones, doing surprising impersonations (including one of the best of Michael Jackson) and holding one-on-one conversations with members of the crowd, which is quite hilarious!


Working in front of his 13-member band and on a remarkably bare-bones stage setup, Bubble would use charisma and sheer star power to sell this show. The reaction from the crowd, which spanned a 6-to-60 age range, was remarkable!  The crowd was electric, including lots of younger girls screaming "I love you Michael", each time the singer would strike a pose or flash his winning smile. To that Michael replied jokingly with the exuberant fans.: "OK, stop screaming like that!  What am I? The Jonas Brothers?"

That was funny!

Here Michael step down from the stage and work the crowd.  I am so surprised that he did that.  There are just too many people following him around but they were respectful and they let him do his thing...

This toward the end of a 2 hours show.  Michael did not take a break or drink a sip of water during the show.  He kept going until the end...



At the end of the evening, Bubble told the crowd that he hopes to still be playing concerts like this one when he's an old man.  Based on what we saw at the Oracle, it's hard to imagine him doing anything else.

Overall, Michael Bubble makes up for what he lacks in the vocal department by going out of his way to connect with his crowds. He's an old-school entertainer, one who spreads the Rat Pack-style on mighty thick, and he'll do whatever it takes to make sure his fans are enjoying the show, which I have to say Hoa and I we were entertained!  Would I see Michael in concert again?   Probably not!



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