Clam bake - 3/24/12

Clam bake is a traditional method of cooking foods, especially seafood such as lobster, mussels, clams, crabs, etc..... The seafood is often supplemented by sausages, potatoes, onions, carrots,  corn etc. 

We had a similar party a few years ago and we had a great time but unfortunately we did not take any picture of the event!  This year I will make sure Hoa will take a few pictures so when can look back in time and remember the event.

Originally we organized this party for kids because it is Spring Break but in the end only Ludo, Lea, Nam Chi, Julian, Nicky, and Spencer were available, but we went ahead with the plan.

We did not pick a great day for a Clam bake.  It was raining non stop since early morning but the party must go on...

Phuc bought a special stove (on the left) for this party so we can have two large pots to cool all of our sea food.

W bought a total of 14 lobsters, some of them can be seen on the floor in this picture.


Because the pot is so large, it takes a long time for the water to come to the boiling point! 

Phuc, unwrapping the sausages..

Maily bought at least 4 or 5 types of sausage for the event!


The water is boiling and Tuan is putting the lobsters in the pot.

Because there are so many of them.  Tuan had to boil them in two batches.


Lobsters waiting to go in to the pot!

The first batch is ready!

Adding sausages, corn, etc.. to the pot!


Lots of lobsters!

Cooking more lobsters...


Second batch is ready!... I think all the food are cooked now!

Time to eat.


In the kitchen, Hand is cutting the bread and inserting butter inside.

The bread will be baked so that it become crispy and the butter is melted.


Sorting the sausages so we can cut them into bite size!


Sausages on the cutting board!


Lobsters are on the table... ready to be eaten!

The group sitting down for dinner!



Shrimps and corn

Assorted sausages!

Mussels and clams

Nicky and Spencer working on breaking the shell of the lobster.


We made is very casual and we are eating with our hands..

So fun and so messy but oh so good!

Nam chi and Julian enjoying their sea food.

Lots and lots of sea food!
14 lobsters, 4 crabs, 5 pounds of shrimps, lots and lots of sausage, corn, sweet potatoes, yam, Mussels and clams...


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