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Fondant aux pommes -Soft Apple cakes -5/2/09

The Fondant aux pommes (soft apple cakes) look like muffins but they are really small snack cakes.  They are thick with sweet apples and rum soaked raisins suspended in soft creamy cake.  In France they are baked in the French equivalent of cupcake pans but a bit taller, narrower cylinder patterned brown baking paper, and a bit slimmer than the American standard muffin tin but it is close enough.  The fondant aux pommes are sold from trays on the counter and often to youngster hungry for an after-school treat.  I was one of those youngster a long time ago and the fondant aux pommes was one of my favorite snacks beside the Financiers, Chausson aux pommes, etc...

As an adult, I still long for this snack because it is sweet, simple, satisfying and easy to eat out of hand! 

Tonight we are invited to Doan's and Tuan's and I am bringing a few desserts and the Fondant aux pommes is one of them.




Close look at the fondants aux pommes!  They also very good with a gob of lightly sweetened whipped cream but they are also delicious as is.


A tray full of goodies.


Preparation work..

The raisins are soaked in hot water for 4 minutes until they are puffed, then they are drain and drop into a saucepan and heated until very hot.

2 tablespoons of rum is poured in the pan and the rum is ignited with a match.  Too bad I could not take a picture while the flame is going on.


Apples are cut and cored and put aside


Eggs and sugar are whipped until the eggs are pale and voluminous, about 4 minutes.


Flour, baking powder and salt are added to the egg mixture.


Next, the apples are added..


Raisins are also added.

Everything is mixed together and then spooned into the lined muffin tins.

Going into the oven for 30- minutes or so until the cakes are done.

Freshly out of the oven...

The cakes are set on a cooler rack...

Here I am putting them on a tray with others desserts to bring to Doan's party.

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