Kevin's graduation - 6/03/11

Mountain view High school The ceremony Graduated

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here, Kevin is graduating from High School today!  All the hard work has paid off.

High school graduation is a memorable and a big milestone for a teenagersí life.  It is also an emotional time to bidding farewell to school and all the students that in a sense, grew up with for at least the last four years.

Dressing up and ready to go...

Tiffany graduated last year and is now going to Berkeley.  She is here to support Kevin.


Me, Nicky and Tiffany walking toward the school.

Sitting area.

We have to walk to cross the track and field stadium to get to our seats.

The graduation ceremony was held on the school's football field.

We arrived about 30 minutes early and there were already a bunch of people there.


View of the podium from where we sat.


Anh Huy and I settle in.

The weather was weird.  It looked like it was going to rain but it did not (thank god!) and there was not a single breeze so it was very comfortable to sit in the open.

This the area when all the students will march out.

Sound check...

The dean and teachers stepping out....

Principal Keith Moody (1st on the right) will speak along with senior class president, Jay Herrington.

Senior class president, Jay Herrington leading...

I recognized Melia she used to attend 2nd grad with Kevin.


Here is Kristie...

Julian... Another friend since Elementary school.

Kevin's turn...

Akshay, our neighbor.

The students marching toward the podium.  This year 416 kids will graduate today.

All the students are now filling up the podium.

Kevin on the 2nd row from top about 2:00PM.

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