Tina's graduation - 5/08/10

Graduation ceremony The guests The food The cakes

Graduation ceremony

We could not go to Tina's graduation ceremony because UCSF only gave out a total of 7 tickets per graduate student.

Pictures were taken by Bac Thien, the proud dad!

 UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) is the most prestigious Pharmacy school in the U.S. and is rank #1 according to Edubook.com publication dated in 2009

http://www.edubook.com/top-5-pharmacy-schools-in-the-us/3280/.  Graduating from the top Pharmacy in the U.S. is an impressive task and we are all so proud of her accomplishment!  

Tina's name is called out and here she is....


Tina  hooded by the Dean of UCSF Pharmacy School.


Tina shaking hands with the Chancellor OF UCSF


Taking  posing with the school sign after the ceremony.


Graduated!  Happy as happy can be....


Thien, Mai-chi, Terri, Tina, Thuy, Chi Nga, and Khanh.


Big screen congratulating the students hanging from the ceiling.

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