Tiffany's graduation - 6/12/10

Tiffany is graduation today!  The celebration ceremony was held at San Jose State University.  When we got there I was shocked to see so many people. 

There were over 700 graduated students and about 4,000 people (family and friends) attending the ceremony.   It felt like we went to watch a sport game instead of a graduation ceremony.  I have to stay they were so organized.  The whole ceremony only took about 90 minutes which is pretty fast considering they have to call out each student, shake hands, give out diplomas and then take a picture for over 700 students...pretty amazing job!

The first students lining up.  Tiffany's place in on the 2nd row.

Here she is with her friends.


So many people..

Here the ceremony is over and the students are exiting row by row.  It is actually very well organized.



Tiffany and her friends

Tiffany and our family.

Here is the whole family!

Hanh, Vu, Tiffany and Anh Huy

All the kids together..


Tiffany and I


Hanh, the proud mom and Tiffany.

Daughter and father...


Grand Ma and Tiffany.


Tiffany and her friends!



good luck in Berkeley and work hard for the next four years!



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