-Hoa's & Duy's Birthday @ Forbes Mill Steakhouse! 5-30-09

Tonight we are dining at Forbes Mill Steakhouse in Los Gatos.  Forbes Mill was voted by San Jose Magazine “Best Steak in Silicon Valley”.  

Standing: Hoa, Tuan, Doan and I

Sitting: Huyen, Phuc, Dung, Duy and Thuy 

A lot of people in our group had previous engagement and could not join us to celebrate Hoa's and Duy's birthday.

Group portrait!  missing Tuan because he is taking this picture!

Duy, thuy and I


Phuc and Huyen

Doan and Tuan 


Hoa and I

Duy and Thuy 

According to Phuc, Forbes Mill used to be a very expensive restaurant but since the downturn they have lowered their price and offer specials at incredible bargain and very affordable so people can eat here more often instead of only for special occasion.  I guess their strategy is working because the restaurant was full of people.

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