Spring in the neighborhood -3/13/10

I told Hoa before going to our weekly walk around the neighborhood that we should take our camera and take lots of pictures of all the flowers and trees that are blossoming in Spring.  It a beautiful morning and Spring is definitely in the air!  Hoa and I we are early birds and we wake up at the crack of dawn.  We have our breakfast and by 8:00AM we are out the door and we walk about 90 minutes in the neighborhood.  The following pictures are taken during our walk and I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures. 



It is now cherry blossoms month and the blossoms are every where in the neighborhood. 



Quince blossoms


A quince bush



Pink cherry blossoms


Pink Magnolia







Cherry blossoms 


Multicolor tulips on the front yard.


A cherry tree with gorgeous blossoms.

White cherry blossom tree at pre-school yard.

Close up look at the white cherry blossoms.

 A creek.  The water level is low because March is usually the end of the rainy season.

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