Our Garden in the Spring! 5/5/09

I love spring because it is the transition between Winter and Summer and this the time when all the plants are waking up from Winter and everything is blooming.  Our garden is no exception to the rule.  All the flowers and plants are green and flowering. 

This plant came back every year and every year there are more flowers.  Someone gave me this plant a few years ago and I decided to plant it in a pot but I never guessed it would bloom every year. 

Purple Iris located in our front yard.



We have a total of 3 Cherry trees! These two are in the front lawn.  Last year we had a lot of cherries so I hope to have even more this year!


Here is the 3rd tree in our backyard.

When the flowers are wilted you can see the formation of the fruit.  The cherries are still green now but they should be ripe by June.

Yellow orchid in the front porch.  This year I have to repot it to make room for more flowers next year.

This bush is amazing!  Full of flowers.  They only bloom in the Spring.


More flowers located in the front lawn


This Lavender bush is called  Lavandula stoechas or Spanish Lavender.  The bloom looks like as a pineapple.

This is also a Spanish Lavender but the color is a bit lighter than my other bush.

The only bad about this plant is it needs a good pruning when the flowers are wilted.

This is the French Lavender.  I inherited this bush when we bought our house.  This is probably the lavender plant I prefer the most.


Colorful African daisies.  They are pretty easy to plant and the flowers are so pretty.

The orange tree!  Unfortunately, we gave away so many bags of oranges before I took this picture so the tree does look somewhat bare.


We barely have any fruits this year!  maybe about a dozen Kumquats on the tree.  Our kumquats are very sweet maybe because it is getting a lot of sun. 

Climbing jasmine with lots of buds.

About a week or two later all the buds bloomed to beautiful white flowers.

Roses in a pot on our deck 



Climbing purple flowers. I planted this plant about 4/5 years ago and this is the second year that the flowers are really coming out.


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