Dinner at home/A quiet celebration-09/18/2018

Tonight I am having a few friends over for dinner as Kevin is in town again.  Since his proposal in Sydney this is the first time that we have an occasion to get together with Kristie's parents, Kevin and Kristie for a little celebration.

I asked Kevin what he would like me to cook but he deferred that task to me as he said what ever I choose to cook is fine with him as he is sure the food will be good.

Menu is printed out for the party.


It took me a while to come up with a menu as I wanted to make sure the dishes has a nice flow.


Since I am busy with the food I asked Alice to take pictures for the evening.

Starting the meal with an Arpège Egg

The Arpège egg is a surprising mixture warm and runny egg yolk, layered with a cold lightly whipped cream mixed with a hint of sherry vinegar, and drizzled with maple syrup, and served in the shell!

It is a combination of hot/cold- salted and sweet all in one bite.

Click Here to see preparation


Canned Foie gras, savory almond duck fat financier, pickled vegetables.

This dish was inspired by State Bird provisions restaurant in San Francisco.  The difference is I served it with Foie gras, and State bird Provisions served it with duck liver mousse, I also added pickles vegetables to balance out the fattiness of the Foie gras.


Canned foie gras

Home made savory almond duck fat financier.


Home cured Hamachi with ednamame/avocado puree and wakame.

This dish was inspired by Momofuku in New York but I added avocado to the ednamame puree for a richer taste.  Love the wakame of the Hamachi.


Grilled artichoke, home cured salmon gravalax, poached quail eggs with bacon

The grilled artichoke was inspired by Los Altos grill but I dipped and coated the artichoke in butter/oil/lemon/salt.   the artichoke has a really nice char and since is already marinated, all you need to do is eat it as is.

Cannot go wrong with Salmon gravalax as it has a nice clean taste.

Click HERE to see preparation

Poached quail egg, bacon, in a beurre monte (emulsify butter).

This recipe is from the French Laundry.


Enjoying dinner...




Shrimp croquette.  I think I mastered it and it never disappoint.


Fresh Uni with squid ink tonnarelli, emulsify uni butter, ikura, grilled squid.

This dish was inspired by Iyasare in Berkeley and also by Eric Ripert from Le Bernadin in New York City.

However, I changed it a bit to make it my own, Eric used Caviar, I replaced it with Ikura.  Eric used regular pasta, I used squid Ink Pasta.  However, I like his Uni emulsify butter sauce and use his recipe.  I also added grilled squid just to make it more interesting.  The dish come out to be very delectable.


Grilled pork chops, and grilled BBQ ribs.


Roasted  assorted vegetables.

Pan fried sticky rice.



Grand Marnier crepe soufflé with crème Anglaise.


Baked Rose apple tartlets.


Loan and Minh brought a famous cheese cake from San Francisco.  Really light, not too sweet, perfect consistency and simply to die for!


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