Casual BBQ Dinner - 2/17/2021

We missed going out to dine at restaurants but during COVID time the only solution to see friends is to have them over for dinner.

Hoa kept asking for me to cook something so we can have friends over.

Invitation was sent out on Thursday, and I requested our friend to reply by Friday so I can plan accordingly for the food.

With not a lot of time to put a menu together, we are going casual family style dinner tonight.

Menu is printed with a starter, 2 main dishes, a pasta, a vegetable dish and 3 desserts.

White truffle oil infuse custard with ragout and caviar is served as an Amuse bouche.  It is not printed on the menu so it is nice unexpected surprise.


I did not really plan for this amuse bouche but then I realized that Huyen and Phu left me the left over caviar from our Quadruple celebration a few weeks ago so not wanting to waste it, I am incorporating it in the menu.  Click on LINK to see preparation


Cheers to friendship and to a good time!



The first starter is a fried Chicken skewer with yogurt mint and cucumber - click on LINK to see preparation

In the middle is a grilled asparagus, tomatoes, a soft boiled egg in a tarragon vinaigrette

On the right is a BBQ pork cheeks skewer.


Close look at the 1st dish.


All of us enjoying the food....


A quick selfie before starting the meal.


I have been watching Stanley Tucci discovering Italy on CNN and in the 1st episode he talked about a zucchini pasta that changed his life. 

I got inspired and I made a version of it and it turned out to be so delicious.


Roasted Cornish hen with sautéed sweet peas.


The Cornish Hen needed to be marinated overnight and then roasted for 30 minutes in the oven.  They came out so moist and really yummy.

The sweet peas are also so sweet and I simply love them.



I also served grilled asparagus.


and grilled Asian eggplants that are brushed with olive oil and a layer of soy, mirin, and olive oil.



Roasted rack of lamb.


Bottles of wine we drank during the evening.




Raspberry bar with pecan and coconut flakes.

Click on LINK to see preparation


Galette des rois (Almond cake)

Click on LINK to see preparation



Coffee custard with whipped cream

Clink on LINK to see preparation



And of course a poker game after a full stomach is a must.


Coffee, Tea, Cognac are all part of a good game of poker.


Cheers and until the next meal!



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