First BBQ of the season- 5/28/12

Today is memorial day and the forecast called for a gorgeous day! Since all of us are in town we decided to have the 1st BBQ of the season at our house.  We talked it over and each one of us got an assigned dish for the BBQ and the result should be a gourmet BBQ.  On the menu we have BBQ ribs, pork belly, Beef Kubideh (Persian Ground Meat and Onion Kebabs), shrimps, etc... Definitely a lot of food to feed an army.

Hoa is bringing out the grill.

Freshly cut flowers from our garden are used for a bit of splash of color on the table.

Hoa had to take the tables and chairs out of storage and clean them for the occasion.

Gorgeous day to be sitting out for a gourmet BBQ.

For appetizer we have Muc mot nang (one sun dried squid) and a platter of assorted cheese.

This is a Vietnamese dish  originated from Mui Ne.  Fresh squids are exposed to the sun for a day, which explains the name one-sun-dried squids.  The result is that the squid is completely dried outside and still have the fresh and soft texture on the inside. Once the squids are grilled over medium heat they become tasty and fragrant.

Loan and Minh brought the Muc mot nang.  All we have to do is throw them on the grill and they flavorful and delicious.

Assorted cheese from Ha and Trung.

Rocky, resting on the lawn watching us....

Setting up the table for the food but it turned to be a bad idea because the table is set in full sun and so we had to put all of the food in the shade.


Hoa was grilling most of the meat but he got tired of it and Minh is taking over the task.


While the food is on the grill we all sat down to enjoy our appetizers and sipping a glass of wine.


From the left: Tuan, Loan,Phuc, Trung, Mui and Maily

From the right: Ha, Tuan, Hanh, and I


The Food

Grilled shrimps from Mui mixed with Beef Kubideh (Persian Ground Meat and Onion Kebabs)

Grilled pork Belly!

They are delicious right off the grill

Braised tomatoes to go with the Beef Kubideh

Hanh made the BBQ ribs!  The marinate was so good..

A large bowl of spaghetti carbonara with bacon bits.


Food overview!

Loan made this dish...

Assorted salad.


Time to eat!

Hoa helping himself with the salad.

Rocky is probably checking if there is food on the floor....

Sitting down and enjoying our lunch.


Doan and Hanh

After lunch we all sat down and just enjoying each other's company.

Lunch is over and we are just enjoying our Coffee/Tea and having dessert.

You are probably wondering where are all the guys... playing poker inside while the ladies are chatting happily in the backyard!


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