Chef's menu-8/2/08

A Chef's Menu is usually a special menu where the chef offers a selection ranging from a few dishes to a full array of dishes representing either the most popular dishes or a few special dishes emphasizing the seasonal ingredients that are only available at the moment.

Tonight I am  having our friends over for a 9 course Chef's menu.   For me, the challenge was to come up with the menu.  Since there are 9 course I had to think of what type of meat I should serve, what type of ingredients should be included, and above all, the dishes had to somewhat flow and work together.

I also wanted the atmosphere to be casual and friendly.  Nothing worse like eating at a stuffy and snobbish restaurant where you have to whisper instead of laughing out loud and have a good time!

For setting up my table I got the inspiration while shopping at a grocery store.  I saw a display of limes and lemons next to each other and I thought that these color definitely represent a sunny day and I should stick with yellow and green. 


Beside yellow and green, I also use blue water goblets to give it an additional little splash of color.

Overall I like the look and the color scheme and it does look like a little burst on sunshine on the table.


Plate setting #1

Plate setting #2

I used two different set of plates to break the monotony and the idea was to introduce colors and lots of it. I also hoping that by using different set of plates it will give the table a more playful look and atmosphere.

Fern, green apple, and limes are rested on a linen yellow table runner.

I really like the contrast between the yellow and the green.

The menu is print out.  I kept the menu secret just so that people were wondering.. What's on the menu and  what is she going to serve tonight?

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