Nice Sit Down dinner with friends-8/13/2022

Tonight we are having friends over for a fancy sit down dinner.

I have prepared a 7 course dinner and a trio of desserts for the special evening.

Table is set up.


This picture was taken later in the evening when the lights are turned on.


Plate setting.


Table overview


Flowers are arranged.


View of all the flowers on the table.


The menu


The menu artistically taken but you cannot really read it (just look pretty this way).


First Course:

 White truffle oil infused custard with caviar served together with a blini, crème fraiche and topped with homemade salmon gravlax.


Here is a closer view of the White truffle oil infused custard with caviar.

Recipe from the French Laundry but I elevated with caviar.


2nd Course:

Crab salad on Endive, mushroom croquette, and slow roasted tomato tartare.


3rd Course:

Hamachi crudo, stone fruits, garden vegetable, passion fruit agua chile


I love this dish as the colors are so vibrant and reflecting summer!  It is so refreshing with the sweet and ripe fruits, and the passion fruit agua chile is really satisfying.


4th Course:

Pan seared foie gras with blueberries sauce


There is nothing more decadent that foie gras and we all enjoyed this dish a lot.


5th Course:

Sea Urchin (uni) pasta with Caviar.

This dish is from Eric Ripert of the Famous Le Bernadin, 3 Michelin star in New York.  I made this dish a few times and it is a hit every single time.

The pasta has a rich and creamy taste as the sauce is loaded with briny flavors from fresh sea urchin and I am topping it with a spoon of the luxurious caviar.


6th Course:

Poached lobster in butter, Orzo pasta, lobster broth, Parmesan tuile.

This dish is from the famous French Laundry in Yountville.  Not only does it look stunning but it is also very delectable with lots of umami.


This is one of my favorite dish from the French Laundry.  Very long preparation but it is very satisfying that it was worth all the effort.


7th Course:

Duck breast two ways: East meet West

1-Duck "sushi" ginger scallion on a scallion pancake

2-pan seared duck breast with balsamic reduction sauce, spinach fondue, sautéed corn.


The duck "sushi" is on the upper portion of the plate and it is a recipe from Nobu.  Wasabi is added to kick it up a notch

The pan seared duck breast with balsamic reduction is also very flavorful.


Finally Dessert

Trio of Desserts with coffee


On the left is a panna cotta with macerated strawberries in red wine and sugar, in the middle is a Cherry clafouti, and on the right is fried donuts with peanut butter sauce.


Hoa and I enjoying lots of fun conversations with our friends.



After dinner Hoa is serving 4 types of whisky

Hakushu single malt Japanese whisky


Followed by Yamazaki single malt Japanese whisky-12 years


And then Lagavulin Scotch whisky and Islay Gold Scotch Whisky 25 years.


Our backyard.


In the kitchen

Here are a few pictures of me preparing a few dishes.

Removing the foie gras from the fridge and I am going to pan seared them


Re-heated the spinach sauce for the duck breast dish.


Pan searing the duck breasts.


Me in the kitchen and I also have a lady helping me with doing the dishes in the back ground.

It was a great meal and we are so glad that everyone had a great time around the table. 

  Until the next meal!


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