Clambake at Loan & Minh's-/ 1/23/2021

Loan and Minh have been hosting a clambake dinner for at least 3 years now and we are all looking forward to it!

Loan have experience now after hosting many clambake and every year is better than the one before,  and of course we simply love it.

It is not very often that we get to eat with our fingers and note that there are no silverware on the table but only utensils to crack open lobsters and crabs.

Table is set up!


Table overview

Crabs utensils are a must for a clambake party!


Tuan and Duy watching football, Alice and Nam Chi conversing, Hoa in the background is pouring beer (I think).


Guests hanging around....


Doan and Tuan went to the open market and bought a highly recommended roasted chicken.


Loan is re-heating the chicken while Doan and Minh are watching...


There are so much seafood that Loan had to use 4 extra large pots to cook all of them.

Putting the seafood in large containers....


Originally, we were going to put only 3 large trays out but there so much seafood that Loan decided to bring another tray.


Because of Covid, the seafood whole seller no longer sell individual lobster.  Lobstera are sold per carton so Loan got bought one carton and there are so many of them.


Crab, clams, lobsters, 3 type of sausages, shrimps, and potatoes.


More view of the seafood trays....



Loan was also able to find fresh corns and they were so sweet and good.  Lots of clams and shrimps in this tray.


Ready to eat!

From left: Duy, Hoa, Annie, Alice Mark, Tuan and Minh

From right: Tuan, Doan, Maily and Loan


We ate a lot but it was not possible to eat all the seafood! Loan was able to make brunch and bun Rieu out of the leftovers.

After dinner Minh brought out his guitar and played a medley of songs for us.  I never sang so much in one evening as following Minh's lead was a lot easier and also so much fun to sing along.

Thank you for such a wonderful Meal and fun evening

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