Japanese Dinner: Sampling the food of Morimoto & Nobu- 4/7/12

Table Set up The guests Sampling the food Action in the kitchen

Tuan went to Japan a year ago and brought back a huge bottle of sake and it has been sitting at his house waiting every since, waiting for the right occasion so that we can pop open the bottle.  Maily and I we have been talking about co-hosting a Japanese dinner so we can open up the sake bottle but somehow we never found the perfect opportunity but that is about to change!  We finally found and agreed on a date and it turned out that this dinner is going to be held on the last Saturday before Lent.  None of us are really religious but eating fish this Saturday was the perfect choice.

Since it took us a year for this party to come to fruition I thought I should make is a super special dinner.  I came up with the idea of a battle between Nobu and Morimoto, and after the meal all of us will have a chance to vote and we will find out whose cuisine will reign supreme!


The Set up

We eating Japanese so I am taking out my Asian dishes for the occasion.

Color theme for my table is green so I can match with my plates.



I added fresh cut flowers from our garden and spread yellow and white rose petals in the center of the table.


Individual plate setting.


Close look at each plate setting.



Freshly cut flowers from our garden

Red roses mixed with cherry blossoms and other flowers from our garden.

Red and yellow flowers brighten up the table.

The Menu is print out and we are ready to sit down and enjoy our dinner.

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Our house


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