Summer Menu-8/22/2020


We are in the middle of summer, the sun is relentless, and the heat is suffocating. I was planning for an outdoor dinner but it is simply too hot, and on top of that the air quality is so poor due to the ravaging fire in California, so I am moving my dinner indoor.  Trying to come up with a light meal to cool down and also to advantage of all the summer produce with a bunch of flavorful dishes that hopefully with be a hit tonight.

Menu is printed out.


Wine for tonight.


We are starting with a homemade cured salmon gravlax with crème fraiche, and caviar.

The bread is just taken out of the oven and still hot.


Cured Salmon gravlax with crème fraiche and butter.

Hoa absolutely requested that I cured the salmon instead of store bought.  Curing salmon is so easy and it is lot more tasty than the store bought.

Click on LINK to see preparation


Caviar Courtesy of Huyen and Phuc.




Ceviche with Hamachi, charred corn, avocado in lemon and passion fruit aqua chile.



This dish is the epitome of a summer dish! Light, airy, with a nice balance between acidity, sweet, and spicy.

We all love this dish!


This dish represent the bounty of summer.

Roasted beets (red and gold), pan seared figs wrapped in prosciutto, salmon gravlax, ripped nectarine, and deviled eggs.



Close look at the dish.


Butter poached shrimps on a bed of assorted pan seared mushrooms with garlic and thyme.

Delicious and also very light. 


Uni spaghetti with grilled squid.

This dish might look simple but it is so tasty because it is coated with a uni butter and an then topped with aromatic uni.

Very satisfying dish,


The last dish is a pan seared moulard duck breast served on a bed of cauliflower puree and drizzled with a balsamic reduction sauce and paired with sweet tomatoes with vinaigrette sauce.


All home made desserts:

Panna cotta with marinated strawberries, Chocolate pudding with whipped cream, and apple tart,


French apple tart-so simply and so delicious.


Chocolate pudding with whipped cream and cherry sauce.


It was a lovely dinner with friends.  I did not make too much this time and everyone had room for desserts.

Until the next meal....

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