Dinner with the Tagumas and extended family, -03/31/2018

Tonight we are having Alice, Mark and his extended family over for dinner.

It just happened that Mark's brother, sisters and their families are in town for a basket ball tournament so we are glad to have a chance to meet them.

Mark brought a huge bottle of Sake and everyone love it!  Very smooth and it was the perfect pairing for a few dishes.


Cocktails are served and now I am plating the first course with the help of Maily.


 The menu for tonight.

Close look at the menu

We are now sitting down for dinner.

From Left: Lauren (Gail's daughter), Sharon (Mark's sister), Ben (Sharon's husband), Maily, and Tuan.

In the middle: Me and Hoa

From the right: Brandon (Gail's son), Gail (Mark's sister), Kenji (Mark's brother), Alice and Mark


Same picture with Elise (Sharon's & Ben's daughter) on the left (partially covered).

First course is served, sake is poured, so let's start the meal.


First course:

On the left: Home cured salmon gravalax, snaps peas, shaves carrot, shaved radish, crispy potatoes on a bed of eggplant caviar and drizzle with bagna cauda.

in the middle: tuile  homemade butter crackers with black sesame)

on the right: Salmon tartar and crème fraîche

Course #2: Parmesan soup-peas, crouton & bacon


Course #3: Cauliflower puree, egg, bacon, and burned butter.


Course #4: squid ink mushroom risotto with soft shelled crab and shrimp tempura.


Course #5- for the last course I am serving family style

Sole (trout) Meunière on a bed of sautéed green beans.

Course #5-Since I was not sure if everybody could eat fish, so I am also serving a honey roasted Cornish hen with potatoes, bell peppers, and asparagus.

This is the last course on the menu, now on to desserts.


 Picture of people taking pictures... I love it!


Almond apple tart, genoise with candied kumquats, panna cotta with macerated strawberries,

All the desserts are home made.


Nothing better than ending the meal with dessert and coffee.


Group portrait-from left:

Alice, Mark, Hoa, Anne, Sharon, Elise, Ben (background), Kenji (back ground),  Gail, Brandon (back ground), Lauren, Tuan, and Maily.

What a great evening!  We were very happy to have a chance to seat down and have a great meal with everyone.  I am also very happy that the young adults also enjoyed the food.

Until the next dinner....

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