Bragging rights!


I have the bragging rights now that Anthony Bourdain wrote me a personal note praising my tripe dish!  WHOO, WHOO I am living grand now!

If you're wondering how in the world did I do to get Bourdain to write to me?  Well,  I cooked a pot of tripe that took 3 days to make, wrote to him, and then waited for over for 3 months to get his reply! 

For me the cooking part was easy but the wait for his reply was a torture.  Waiting and waiting, month after month for the letter to arrive... and then on a beautiful day the envelope showed up in my mail box! To my surprise I was afraid to open it....I was not sure what I will find in there. Hopefully it is not just a photo with his autograph which will be really disappointing! 

I pull the content out of the envelope with trepidation and then in plain sight it was there in front of me in bold letter.....It was exactly what I was hoping for!

Bourdain made my day!   I am so happy that I am floating on cloud nine!

This is the tripe dish is the genesis of Bourdain's letter.




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