Thuy/Thien, a get together - 9/6/09

The Guests


Going back in time

The guests

Thuy, Thien, and Chi Nga are in town for labor day's weekend.  We have 3 days off so this is a perfect occasion to get together.  It's been a long time since we have Thuy/Thien and her family over for dinner!

 Only four to five years ago all the kids were so little and now half of them are in college and doing well.  It is such a pleasure seeing the kids growing up and becoming the person they are going to be as they are reaching adulthood.


I am glad Thuy and her family arrived early at our house so we can catch up with what is going on with the family and the kids.

Really nice picture of Terry and Tina 


Tram, Mai Chi and Terri


Like I said... the kids are all grown up now.

We will go back in time and see how much the kids have changed later...


Setting up the table for the kids

Setting up the appetizers.  I made some bruchetta, dipping sauce made with garlic, pesto sauce, hot pepper flakes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese, which Anh Huy can't stop eating 

I also served some individual quiches.

Kevin really like Bruchetta and it is also so easy to make.


Tram, Vu, Kevin Khang, Mai chi, and Terri enjoying the appetizers.



The adults catching up on our conversation and waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Chi Nga, Me, Dung, Hanh, Thuy and khoi in the back. 


The kids also enjoyed getting together

Dinner is served!  I used to prepare a special meal for the kids because they could not eat adult food but now they are requesting the same food as the adults.  Kevin said: "Mom make the same for everyone, we now enjoy good food and we do not want kids food anymore!" 




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