Junn Izakaya,  Shanghai - 7/1/2023


Junn Izakaya is located on the ground floor of the trendy Wukang market building.  We passed by this restaurant so many times and the restaurant looks so inviting so here we are tonight.


The front of the restaurant


The interior is dimly lit, calm, quiet, and relaxing.


We requested counter seating so we can see the chefs in action.


Behind the counter in the far end is the kitchen


View from our seat.


Simple table setting


You can order a la carte but we decided to go with the 11 course set menu at 380 Yuan ($55) per person. 


Tea for me and beer for Hoa.


Pickled tomatoes.


The tomatoes tasted like candies, they we were so sweet but with a little tang.


Spicy Clams


We love this dish!  This is more like a fusion dish combining with Chinese Yunan cuisine.  The clams were fresh, sweet, sour and spicy,


Assorted Sashimi


Mackerel, tuna, and shrimp.


Abalone, green apple, wasabi


Another successful dish!  We love the taste of the abalone and the crunch of the apple.



Wagyu and sea urchin tartare


The beef wagyu is hand chopped and served on a crispy nori, crispy rice puff and topped with Uni and  Ikura (salmon egg).

It is really delicious! Rich, unctuous and the beef is so tasty.


Grilled asparagus


It looks like a simple dish but the asparagus were cooked perfectly with a little bite and it was nice to have a vegetable dish.


Grilled asparagus with beef wagyu tartare.


We are now moving now to grill meat (yakitore)


Chicken liver skewer


Grilled lamb


Very flavorful but a bit chewy.


Chicken meatball with egg yolk


Chicken cartilage (Nankosu).


 We really like the texture which is crunchy and chewy.


Chicken leg with leek


Moist and delicious.


Durian and mango mochi


I had the Durian mochi and love it.  Hoa got the mango and it is also good.


We really enjoyed our meal at Junn Izakaya.  There isn't a single dish that we did not like. Very good and attentive service and most of the staff speaks English.   We definitely will be back!


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