Overdose, Shanghai- 2/18/2023


Overdose is a tiny Izakaya located on Huashan Lu and about 15 minutes walk from our apartment.  Overdose serve authentic Japanese yakitori and it is one of our favorite Izakaya in Shanghai.

Reservation is a must as they can only fit about 14 people inside and the restaurant is always packed regardless of the weather.

The interior is really small so they set up a few tables on the side walk and there is also a covered counter eating right against the front wall of the restaurant.


Store front with people sitting outside on low table.  Seems like it is really fun way to eat...


The kitchen


View of the kitchen from our table.  There is only one lady serving and when she gets too busy, another lady from the kitchen comes out to help her.


The far wall is projected with Karaoke songs and below on the counter a row of alcoholic beverage.


Lots of sake to choose from.


Sake and beer.


We usually come back here once a month and each time Hoa tries out a new sake.


We came back another time and Hoa likes this Sake the most out of all the one we tried.


Simple tale set up.  They covered the table with Newspapers and once the meal is over they just throw it away.


Panoramic view of the whole restaurant.  There are only a few tables and 2 chairs at the counter.  Maximum seating is about 14 people.




Cucumber with marinated fermented beans.




Potato croquette on the left and Chicken Karaaye on the right.


Chicken meatballs, Lamb skewer, Chicken thigh, and another lamb skewer. 


The chicken meatball are golf ball sized and really delicious.  One of our favorite is the lamb skewer which we always order 2 skewers.


Lamb skewer, pork belly, heart, bacon with shiso, chicken ass, and beef tounge.

I know you are laughing at the chicken ass but that is one of favorite, Hoa not so much!


A variety of skewers.


Chicken wings, chicken thigh, chicken heart, Ginko nuts, and teriyaki chicken.


Lamb skewers, grilled shrimp, ginko nuts and pokr belly.


Stuffed bell pepper.


 Bacon with shiso leave


The bacon with shiso leave is one of our favorite.


Cheers to good food!


Lamb chops with brown butter and herbs.


More skewers wiht pork belly, chichen heart, chicken thighs, lamb skewers, and chicken skin (very crispy and delicious).


Pan seared mackerel


The mackerel is a must order.  So delicious!


Stir fried assorted vegetable with ham.  So flavorful with lots of umami.


Miso soup on the left and rice with tea on the right.


Another favorite the onigiri balls!  Cruchy and perfect ending to a meal.

In Japan, people end their meal with some type of starch.


Chicken Teriyaki rice bowl.

All the skewers we ate.


We have been at this restaurant at leat five times and we enjoy it every single time.  Great ambiance, the waitress knows us and so she takes good care of us.  She does not speak English but we managed to communicate with the Apple Translate App.  The food is delicious, and each time we go there we overdose on the food! Highly recommended and it is also very reasonnably priced.

 Our tab is usually around $65 in total including a bottle of sake and two beers.  What a steal!


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