Cin- Cin Wine Bar  & Restaurant in Los Gatos- 8/2/2013


  "Cin-Cin" is an Italian word that means "to your health" and it is use as a drinking toast.    Cin-Cin is located in Los Gatos and features a unique collection of wine from local to imported wines ranging from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina to California, available by the glass or by the bottle.  They have a full bar that serves beer and cocktails though wine is the main focus.  Their menu is a mix of small plates, tapas-size dishes that are designed to be nibbled with Cin-Cin's  wine list. They have a very interesting menu with a mix of global dishes where you can find Korean tacos stuffed with bulgogi-style shaved rib-eye to South Carolina pulled pork sliders to three-cheese arancini fritters to soba noodle wraps

We went there 3 years ago when they first opened their doors and we did not think very highly of Cin Cin but Hoa's colleague keep telling to give it another try so here we are on a Friday day back to Cin-Cin.

We got to the restaurant around 7:30PM and is pretty full.  Without a reservation the only available was at the Bar which we gladly accepted.


Cin-Cin opened 3 years ago and right away it was a hit with Los Gatos residents who enjoy the friendly atmosphere and casual approach to dining.

The restaurant is eco-conscious and is using sustainable building materials.

 Floors and wall coverings are made of bamboo, the sprawling bar is built from reclaimed black walnut and rattan-style chairs are woven of recycled telephone wire.

The bar in full action....


The dining room is casual and very inviting.


Here we are sitting at the bar.




Hoa ordered a glass of wine...

The menu is interesting with a selection of boldly flavored nibbles, salads and small plates drawing on culinary traditions as diverse as Southeast Asia, Italy, Mexican, and American classic such as the Mac & Cheese.

We ordered the Fresh Dungeness crab gratin ($12)

First impression: the dish does not look very appetizing.  It was greasy with way too much mayonnaise and cheese.  It is not bad but it was not great either.

2nd glass of wine....

Korean Tacos (left) - Cin Cin Diner Sliders.


Cin Cin Dinner Sliders

3 certified Angus beef Sliders, Balsamic braised red onion, cheddar fondue, tomato pesto


Cin Cin Diner Sliders, 3 certified angus beef Sliders, balsamic braised red onion, cheddar fondue, tomato pesto.

We both enjoyed the Sliders.  The brioche bun was tasty and the beef was also very good!  The cooked the beef just the way I like it : Medium rare.


Korean Tacos Bulgogi style rib-eye tacos, salsa verde, kim chi, cucumber, dailon salad and cilantro


This dish was a disaster.  The rib eye was way over-cooked and was so dry that it really killed the dish.

I had to remove all the meat so I can enjoy the taco.

They had a really nice concept by combining Korean and Mexican food but they totally miss it.


I should have know better not to come back to Cin-Cin!  We did not like the food the first time around and we wanted to give it a second chance but unfortunately the food was simply awful the 2nd time around.   The 3 dishes we had was pretty bad, especially the tacos and I was told it is one of their popular dish. I just don't understand why so many people like this restaurant.  For us twice is more than enough and needless to say we have to say: "Sayonnara".

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