A return to Cockscomb, San Francisco- 6/27/2015

We went to Cockscomb about a month ago and I really enjoyed our dinning experience, so now I am returning with our friends.   I tried a few dishes the first time but since there are more of us I am hoping to eat dishes that I have not try before and I also hope to our friends will also enjoy a great dinner experience at cockscomb.

This time we were seated on the second floor and away from the dinning room and I think we missed a lots of action from the kitchen but on the other hand the upstairs dinning room is more private.

Chalk board above the kitchen... nice quotes.


View from the balcony (2nd floor) into the main dinning room.

Closer view of the open kitchen from the balcony.


We started with a medium tray of oysters, clams, and 1/2 crab - $48

It came with a bunch of sauces.  Everything was fresh and delicious.  They oysters were succulent. and so yummy.


We ordered a few appetizers to try out...

Octopus a la plancha -$16


Grilled Octopus with potatoes, chorizo, celery .

This dish was just okay, nothing really special.


Hot mess is the special of the day -

Shredded pork trotter with pan seared foie. strawberries in a sweet and salty sauce and tastes amazingly.


Originally we ordered just a plate to taste but we liked it so much that we re-order 2 more plates.

Needless to say we polished everything on our plate... Love this dish.

Another special of the day Pork belly with crab.   It came with two giant slabs of pork belly, oysters, crab, and bock Choy

Oh boy the pork belly was heavenly.  It was really delicious with the perfect balance between fat and meat. 

Phuc thought this dish is an inspiration from a Vietnamese dish "Cua xanh me" (crab with tamarind sauce) but here Chris was able to elevate it to new heights.

After dinner we asked Chris how he came about this dish so he told us that when he first came to California he worked for Barbara who was the first non Asian woman to be accepted in a Chinese kitchen.  There Barbara learned Chinese cooking techniques and pass it to Chris when he worked for her.  The main ingredient he told us is the black beans sauce which he called it "goop" and from there he created this dish.  All of us love this dish!


We also ordered the special Pin bone Steak with bone marrow dip, and a wood oven roasted Pig's head.

The special pin bone steak came with pan seared foie gras... To die for!

Another delicious dish but we ordered way too much and we could not finish it.

Wood oven roasted Pig's head.  I had it the first time and I thought it was too fatty but we ordered it again as everyone wanted to try it out.


Phuc brought two bottles of Pahmeyer for us to drink with our meals. Actually he brought more but the restaurant only allowed 2 bottled per table.  We tried to negotiated but it did not work so we ordered lots of beers to drink with our appetizers.


On our way out we chatted with Chris.  He is a really nice guy and very personable.

Phuc already told Chris that he will be back next time for the roasted whole foie gras (they only have a loaf a day) and will bring his famous sauternes to go with it.

Ciao, and 'til the next time...

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