Private dinner catered by Heaven's Kitchen- 4/30/11

Set up/Guests Food preparation 4 course dinner Desserts

  The set Up

Lets say you want to host a sit down dinner for your friends but you don't have the time nor the know how to coordinate and cook.  Do not panic 'cause I have a solution!    Hire a private chef that can create and personalized a dinner parties that fit your lifestyle.  All you need to do is to relax and enjoy the time with your guests while the chef is in the kitchen taking care of everything and that's exactly what Dung Did for this event.  He hired  Chef John Tran from Heaven's kitchen to be our personal chef for the evening .  Chef John used to work at the now defunct A. P. Stump's restaurant, a high end restaurant located downtown San Jose.  Chef John came highly recommended by friends so we are giving him a chance to show us his chops!

Hanh set up the dinning table for 20 people.

Overview of the table.

Flowers are nicely arranged by Hanh.

Chef John requested that we set up 3 different types of glasses on the table so his staff can poured 3 different types of wine specially selected by Phuc, our private sommelier.

Heaven's kitchen printed a menu for the whole group but since the did not not the name of all the guests, Anh Dung hand wrote the name on top of the menu.


Champagne and Appetizers

As we walked in the house Champagne and Chef John's home made pate are welcoming in us.


The weather was glorious so we hang out outside.


Mui, Dung, Trang, Ky, Me, Huyen, Loan, and Maily.


Sitting down for dinner...

Bui, Dung, Huyen, Phuc, Minh, and Loan


Me, Maily, Tuan, Tuan N., and Hanh


Carol and Justin showed up perfectly at the time we are sitting down for dinner.

Vy our server extraordinaire is pouring white white...


Overview of the whole table (19 adults over for dinner)

Here our first course was served.

Big cheers to a great evening.


The kids had their own table.  We opted to go with 2 courses: the soup and the Kobe beef.


Next...Food preparation



Our house


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