Ochiyo 1710, Shanghai- 5/14/2023

Ochiyo 1710 is a Japanese restaurant located on Huahai Road in Shanghai.  Ochiyo 1710 have three dinning rooms, one for Omakase Sushi bar, a Yakitori (grilled skewers food) Bar and a Yakiniku (grilled meat).  Ochiyo 1710 offers a Dinner Omakase for 1,280 Yuan = $175 and the lunch Omakase for 710 Yuan= $100.  People we know recommended the lunch Omakase instead of dinner as it an incredible bargain and you get pretty much most of the dishes served at dinner.

The facade of the restaurant is very minimalist with only the number of the street showing but no sign for the name of the restaurant.


In front of the restaurant


Today we are having the Omakase so the waitress lead us all the way to far end of the restaurant.


Courtyard inside the restaurant.  We passed by the Yakitore and the Yakiniku rooms. 


The first door you see on the right is the Omakase bar



This is what you see when you stepped in the room: a large L shape counter that can seat 10 people.


The counter where the chefs will be serving us from behind.



Simple table set up.


Closer at the details.


Happy to be here.


We usually do not drink at lunch time but Hoa opted for a beer.


Chefs behind the counter.


First dish is an assortment of sashimi


Tuna, Fat tuna, and scallops.


The second course is steamed clamed served in a soup bowl and as you opened the lid fragrant vapor just emanated from the bowl.


The clams were so sweet in a very simple clams broth.



The 3rd course is a creamy tofu served sweet syrup and topped with crunchy puffy rice.


Very creamy, rich, and delicious!


The 4th course is eel two ways: teriyaki and grilled eel.


Omg, this so flavorful and delicious and the portion is very copious.


Then we get a bowl of edname for a quick snack while the chef are preparing our next course.


The 5th course is a succession of Nigiri




Sweet ebi on the left and on the right is red snapper with pan seared scallop on top.






Hamachi close up.


Sea urchin


Lightly torched mackerel


And in between the negiri they served of a steamed fish (I am not sure what kind of fish it was).

A piece of Foie gras torchon that will be used in the next dish.


The chef grated the foie gras torchon over the Tuna negiri


The chef actually shaved a good amount of Foie gras on top of the tuna negiri.  This is so good!


Next he is blow torching a piece of river eel


Then he brushed the top of the eel with what looks like to be teriyaki sauce.


Ending the meal with a simple soup on the left and on the right is a Japanese Castella cake


And ending our meal with a flavorful Yuzu Sorbet.


Overall, we had a very good meal at a great bargain!  Cozy and very nice service.  We will come back to try the Yakitori and the Yakiniku.

Ochiyo 1710

Address: 1710 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Gao’an Lu
Tel: 18301714918
Hours: Tue-Sun, 11:30am-1:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm; closed Mondays

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