Los Altos grill - 12/28/2016

Los Altos grill is an upscale and very popular restaurant located and a los Altos.  It is always full of people and you need to call at least a couple weeks ahead to get a reservation.  Los Altos Grill is also a local institution in Silicon Valley since 1996,  offering a warm and gracious atmosphere with an earthy palette of woods punctuated by unique artworks.

There is always a line any day of the week!



As soon as you walk in the restaurant there is a large island bar situated next to an exhibition kitchen at the end of the room.

Lots or warm and an energetic vibe through out the restaurant and that's why this place is so popular.

Candle in a glass vase on each dinning table create an intimate atmosphere.

Old Fashion cocktail for Hoa

We bought our own bottle of Wine which we bought it when we went to Bordeaux

Kevin came home for the Holidays and this is his first time at this restaurant.


The menu has lots of comfort food.


Los Altos grill's signature jalapeņo iron skillet cornbread.  It is not listed in their menu but everybody knows about it and this is a must order to start.

Very tasty cornbread! I like the crispy outer part.


Hoa enjoyed his corn bread... it is gone.


Kevin ordered the roasted bone in rib eye-The portion here is very generous

Very quality of rib eye but we all think there is too much dry rub.  However, it is still very good.  The tomatoes were really sweet, fresh and delicious.

We like out meat on the rare side...

Crispy French Fries-two thumbs up!


Hoa and I we shared the USDA Prime filet.

Huge portion even for 2 people!

Hoa usually does not like Prime rib but here he was nicely surprised.

All the food we ordered...




No wonder this place is so popular!  Food is pretty decent, reasonably priced, and service is top notch.  Very inviting and lively ambiance that makes you feel very comfortable.


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