Lure+Till, Palo Alto, Ca-7/4/2016

Lure + Till located in Palo Alto is a fairly new restaurant that opened their door in 2014.  I have been trying to get a reservation here for months and finally I was able to score a reservation.  The restaurant has generated a lot of buzz with its craft cocktails and also boasts a chef with some commendable kitchen credentials so tonight we are here to check out the restaurant. 

Chef Patrick Kelly's credits include Chef de cuisine at La Folie in San Francisco and Executive Chef at Angele in Napa

In case you are curious with the name our waiter explained that Lure is for the sea and Till is for the garden.

Lure + Till is on the ground floor of the Epiphany Hotel (once the location of Casa Olga on Hamilton Avenue), a luxury boutique hotel that opened in March of 2014.


Chef Patrick Kelly builds his menu using locally sourced, farm-fresh produce and meats, and area fish and seafood.


Huge bar and I was told the restaurant put a lot of effort into its cocktail program.


This the view of part of the main dining room looking out in to the street.


Casual and friendly atmosphere at the bar.


Lots and lots of wine and liquors....


Loan, Me, and Maily


Tuan, Hoa, and Minh.


Cocktail Menu


The menu is fairly small but with a few interesting dishes.


Sommelier, really nice guy!

Warm basket of bread with butter.

We ordered a dozen of Kohlrabi oysters served mignonette sauce- the oysters are so good!

Fried Chickpeas Panisse served with meyer lemon and Romesco sauce
The chickpeas flour fritters were crisp and golden on the outside and creamy inside.  Yummy!

Grilled seafood a la plancha, Cuttlefish, head on prawns, clams, Serrano ham, butter beans.

All the seafood were fresh, perfectly grilled-Excellent dish!

The dish is also nicely presented-generous portion too.


Charcuterie board with pickle vegetables, mustard.


Generous portion but they serve inexpensive cut.  I rather eat less but better quality meat. Simply skip this dish!


Seared California White Sea Bass with padron peppers, yellow corn, pole beans - Nice looking dish, a decent dish.


Roasted Sonoma duck breast and confit, caramelized apricot, chanterelle mushrooms, turnip cream.


Duck breast  was beautifully presented. The breast was cut into two thick pieces and interspersed on the plate with caramelized apricot, chanterelle mushrooms, turnip cream. The duck was served medium rare which is fine but I am a few that like it more on the rare side.

All the vegetables served with the duck were a prefect marriage, especially the turnip cream, so delicious!


Squid ink Campanelle, lobster, dried cherry tomatoes, Calabrian Chilis, Botarga, and arugula.

The campanelle were made in house and it shows.  Really good dish!


Overall, we enjoyed the food here at Lure + Till.  Reservations are hard to come by especially for group over 6 people.  Friendly service and really nice ambiance.
180 Hamilton Avenue,
Palo Alto, CA 94301
650 521-9965


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