Marché Moderne - 1/27/12

 Hoa had to work in Los Angeles so he took the occasion to take Kevin out to Dinner.  I could not make it so it is "male bounding time!"

Marché Moderne a modern French bistro in the heart of Orange County located at The Penthouse at South Coast Plaza, level three, adjacent to Nordstrom (yes, it is inside a shopping mall).

I was searching online for a nice restaurant in Costa Mesa and I when I saw Marché Moderne I told Hoa to give it a try since it has been critically acclaimed since its opening in spring of 2007.

The entrance of the restaurant.

It is on the third floor of the main mall, near Nordstrom! It  is directly opposite the mall entrance, walk as far away from the mall entrance as you can go and it is at the end.

Side view of the restaurant.

There is a little sitting area outside the restaurant too so you can also sit down for a cocktail and some appetizers.


They gave Hoa a table in the enclosed patio area, which has an outside entrance, retractable awnings and can accommodate up to 60 guests..



Starting the evening with a cocktail!

The menu


Kevin and Hoa


Vu and Kathleen


Complimentary bread and butter!

The bread looks so yummy.

Amuse bouche -complimentary of the chef!


les Cochonneries (pigs stuff)


All charcuterie are served with baguette, pickled vegetables and mustard cream


apricot chutney and pork belly terrine with foam


The dish looks great to me but Kevin said the Foie Gras was not tasty as the one I usually cooked for him.


Hoa had Moscovy Duck Confit

Caraway scented and braised red cabbage, sauce au poivre.

Vu ordered the Domestic Kobe Pork Tenderloin Paillard cordon Bleu


Kathleen ordered a colorful and beautiful Vegetarian plate, assorted veggies tempura, red cabbage, artichoke hearts, veggie roll, etc...




Kevin also ordered a SHORT RIB braised bacon, cipolini onions, cremini mushrooms & young potatoes.

Overall, Kevin was not too impress with the restaurant!  He was disappointed with his Foie Gras, his short Ribs was okay but did not get the WOW factor.  Hoa also said that his Muschovy duck confit was just so so... The only thing that Hoa and Kevin agreed on was the bread was pretty good.  I did not talk to Kathleen nor Vu so I don't know what they think about the restaurant!

In any case it does not look like Hoa will be coming back any time soon!

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