Dinner with Kevin in Costa Mesa- 2/22/14

Hoa and I we flew down to Costa Mesa just for the evening to celebrate my belated birthday with Kevin.  We choose Mastro's because it has always been Kevin's favorite steakhouse.

With a student's budget Kevin cannot afford to eat at an upscale steakhouse so it is always a nice treat to take him out for a good steak.   Mastro's is a really nice upscale restaurant with top quality meat on the pricey side but worth every penny!  We been here at least 4 times and every single time we had an excellent meal.

Dad and son!

Hey they are wearing matching blue shirts! 


 Their portion is huge so we only only ordered a Tuna tartar to share between the 3 of us and it was just perfect.

Their tuna tartar is really delicious made with a have a layer of mashed crispy fried wonton at the bottom, a layer of avocado in the middle, and a layer of Ahi tuna on top.

We ordered two steaks for the three of us.

This is a tomahawk steaks for 2.  You can't tell in this picture but the steak is really huge.

Kevin ordered the 22 oz rib eye.

The tomahawk steak is bigger than Kevin's hand.

We also ordered a side order of shoe string fries. All the portions here are gigantic.


For Dessert Hoa and I we shared a crème brûlée

Kevin ordered the chocolate Gelato.  Again huge portion and Kevin could not finish it.



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