Mastro's steakhouse- 4/11


Mastro's Steakhouse is located across the street from South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California.  Mastroís is known for itís steaks, chops and seafood is another specialty.   Steaks and chops are wet aged with no oxygen for 21-28 days.  The lack of air causes the steak to tenderize on its own.  Mastro's is probably the best steakhouse in Orange County.

Ruth's Chris, Morton's and Fleming's do not even come close to Mastro's.  Mastro's is definitely a high end steakhouse where portions are gigantic.  No light weight eating here, that's for sure! Steaks are so well prepared and aged that no sauces are ever needed.

The entrance of Mastro'is huge with a big stone-looking exterior.  You feel like you are walking more into a museum than a restaurant.   


View of the exterior of the restaurant.

Hall way going to the 2nd level of the restaurant.

The walls are lined with towering onyx wine bottles and dramatic fabrics. 

So many bottles of wine are in display and you can admire them while going up or down the stairs.

Glass wall with columns of wine bottles reached beyond the limits of the ceiling. They looked like jewels.

The Bar area.. Lots and lots of liquors on display!  Very cool and hip place to hang out and it is very lively.

There is a small live entertainment section (mostly singing and piano), which is pleasant and not obtrusive.  The place is loud, but that is more because the atmosphere and service generates a sort of casual and friendly environment that lets people relax and let loose.

Shrimp cocktail.

The shrimps are set on a bed of vaporizing dry ice which you can see the vapors in this picture!  It was very dramatic!

The dry ice are all gone now!  View of the appetizer from the top.

The shrimps were enormous, they were fresh, perfectly cooked and very tasty.

If you are a Cocktail lover than you should order either a Cosmopolitan or Martini  at Mastroís.  There is a huge selection of different types and flavors of both Cosmopolitans and Martinis.

First our server presented a shaker and then proceed to pour the cosmo.  Once the liquid hit the glass it produced a fog from the dry ice specks. The Cosmo was perfect, sweet, bold, strong, with a hint of orange and cranberry.

The wine list goes on and on...

The wine menu boasts a nice selection of international reds and even some good by-the-glass options

Assorted basket of bread artfully arranged.  A variety of bread such as pretzel bread, a burnished mini-loaf with the dark color of pumpernickel and a crusting of salt, etc...

Picture taken with I-phone so it is not very clear.

Hoa ordered the 18 oz Bone in Filet!  Two thumbs up!  The meat was top quality, very tasty and was cooked to perfection.

The cut was excellent, melt in your mouth tender and the portion should satisfy any worthy carnivore


The meat are stand alone so you have to order your side dish separately.  Side Dishes were offered a-la-carte and served in ample portion and meant to be shared.

This is really a huge bowl of French Fries that can easily feed at least 4 people.

Kevin Choose the 22 oz (650 grams) Bone in Rib eyes and he managed to polish the whole thing. 

The Bone in rib eye arrived at the table sizzling in butter and looked so appealing.  You can't tell in this picture but this plate is huge and so is the size of the steak.

The steaks at Mastro's are pretty amazing!   Mastro's is one of those places where they know you are spending a lot of money and they don't take that for granted.  They work very hard to provide good, warm and even memorable service. It is on the expensive side but definitely worth every penny of it!

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