Stones throw, San Francisco - 2017-2018

Stones Throw is a charming CaliforniaAmerican restaurant located on Hyde street in the renowned Russian hills neighborhood.   

Stones Throw is a neighborhood hot spot, the sort of place that feel welcoming and homey with approachable menu at a reasonable price where the food is great, friendly and warm service in a carefree environment where everyone feels welcome. 

We ate here at least 5/6 times within a year and the pictures in this page are a combination of many dinning trips here.


The restaurant's 60-seat dining room is comfortable with a modern edge. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the bar with communal tables. The space feels airy, thanks to the open-beamed roof and light-colored walls, some covered with fabric panels to help keep the decibel level in check.


A huge and floral arrangement in the middle of the restaurant.



Minh brought a bottle of red wine for the occasion.


This is our first time here and we did not know what to expect but the atmosphere is very relax and friendly.


Loan and Me...

The menu


The dessert menu

We came back here many times and this time it was with Kevin and Kristie.  We were seated at the end of the room overlooking the front of the restaurant.

Chicken Liver mousse. Huckleberry Mostarda, Rye Crips, Peppercress

The restaurant does not serve bread so you have to order it, grilled rustic bread with butter-It is must order.  The bread is crunchy and hot, just the way I like it.

The chicken liver mouse is made in house and it is really flavorful - we all enjoyed it.


Puffed potato and eggs is their signature dish. Each potato is like a molten fritter with a liquefied yolk in the center which bleeds down to the cauliflower mousse covered in shaved Parmesan, raw cauliflower and bits of chicken skin.

So yummy!

Hiramasa crudo, ponzu, citrus, fried garlic. 

Excellent dish, the fish is fresh and has a sweet smell of the ocean.


This picture was taken when I went with the whole group and we ordered the Chef's menu (12 course in total).

This is a seafood ceviche-thumbs up!

Assorted melon, watermelon, burrata, pickled pear, spice nuts, dandelion Verde.

What a beautiful presentation-so refreshing and really hit the spot.

Grilled octopus, fennel, citrus, Feta cheese, olives, oregano vinaigrette . I like this dish but they are not consistent.  A few times the octopus was overcooked but when it is done right, it is a very good dish.


Squid Ink Conchiglie pasta, Spicy capers, clams, mussels, shrimps, tender green in an onion soubise sauce.

This is also their signature dish- a must order.


Close look at the dish


Crispy-skin Steelhead trout, champagne roe beurre blanc, celery root, Green apple.


Liberty farms roasted Duck breast



We have this meal with Kevin and Kristie.

skirt steak with greens, fettuccine pasta with roasted assorted mushrooms, oven roasted potatoes.


This is another meal with friends: Flat iron steak

New York steak

Stones Throw also have a large of selection of beers.


On the left is a red velvet cake, chocolate, crème fraiche and on the left is a Peanut butter and Jelly donuts.

This dessert is really amazing We love it!


This artfully presented dessert is a playful riffs on childhood classics: peanut butter and jelly doughnuts. 

This dessert is also their signature dish and it is always on the menu.



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