Teleferic Barcelona, Palo Alto -4/17/2021


Telefèric Barcelona is an authentic Spanish cuisine restaurant located in Town and Country in Palo Alto.

The small family business began under a different name 25 years ago in Sant Cugat, Spain. A toy cable car, or telefèric in Catalan, going from one side to the other at this first restaurant led to regular customers calling it the telefèric restaurant. The name has since stuck and all five locations across Spain and the United States are called Telefèric Barcelona.

The restaurant opened their door in 2019 and it was an instant hit.  I tried so many times to get in and it was always booked. Then Covid hit and slowly restaurants are allowed to set up tents and tables for outdoor dinning.  Telefèric Barcelona now have double their capacity with a lot more tables available for indoor and outdoor.

It is a lot easier to get a reservation these days so I was able to get in fairly easily.


Inside the restaurant are friendly waiters who greet their customers with a loud "Hola" and switching fluidly between English and Spanish.

The first thing you see when you walk in is the bar and a lively ambiance.


The restaurant was full of people with a fun and friendly vibe that makes you feel comfortable right away.


We got a table in the middle of the main room with the open kitchen behind us.


From out table we can see the bar.


Open kitchen run by Run by siblings Xavi and Maria Padrosa.


We are so happy to be able to dine out these days!


Quick selfie of the group.



The bar is getting busier by the minute...


Every where you look there is not a single table nor a chair at the bar that is empty.


Table set up.


The menu


Watermelon martini -Vodka & fresh watermelon


The wine we brought


Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Iberian bellota ham 38 months cured) served with pan con tomato.


Jamon and pan tomato are the most popular tapas dishes and of course there is a simple reason: both are delicious.


Crab croquettas, King crab croquettes, tuna sashimi, aioli.


The croquettes are pretty good but unfortunately the inside of two croquettes were cold and the other 4 were at the correct temperature.

Depending who you ask, if it is a right temperature than the croquette was good but if you got the cold one it is not that great.


Maria Padrosa checking on the food before it is served to the customers.


The kitchen in action.  They are very organized as the restaurant was full but our food come out steadily and we never had to wait that long between each dish.


Pulpo Teleferic, grilled octopus with truffle oil & pimenton, potato puree, chimichuri


The octopus was tender and the sauce was also delicious.


Empanadas, potatoes with brava sauce, aioli


Definitely not an authentic empanadas but it was still delicious.

Looks more like a fried wonton than an empanada but I like the presentation.


 Gambas al aijillo, gulf shrimp with lemon & crispy garlic.


Very tasty and we ate everything on the plate and we even soaked our bread with the flavorful sauce.


Patata Bravas, potatoes with brava sauce, aioli.

Very traditional dish and we were surprised at how good the sauce was.


El secreto iberico, free rang acorn fed Iberian bellota pork, shitake, mojo verde.


The pork is really incredible, flavorful and it was perfectly cooked.  I also love the mushrooms and the shoe string potatoes. 

This is my favorite dish of the evening.



Corn kale salad, corn and kale, Mahon cheese, popcorn & avocado dressing.


They fried the kale so it is crispy and I really like it.


Cauliflower, crispy cauliflower with romesco sauce, manchego cheese.


Catalan premium tomahawk (40oz), Rib eye's special cut, potatoes, set of dressings.


Massive tomahawk, and the steak was pretty decent! 


Paella negra, squid ink, scallops, mushrooms. octopus, calamari, clams.


The paella was just so so.  I would like it better if they have burned the bottom of the paella so the rice is crispy.


On to dessert, we ordered the Trio Selection: Churros (left), chocolate ganache (center), and torrijas (right).


Out of the 3 desserts our favorite two are the churros and torrijas.


We liked it so much that we re-order a plate of Torrija, French toast with Catalan cream, banana and vanilla ice cream.


We also ordered an other order of Churros with chocolate.


Telefèric Barcelona has proven to be very successful with their five locations in Spain and the United States.  It is no wonder because the food was great and they certainly run and manage their restaurants extremely well.

They are so organized, the kitchen kept bringing out food without skipping a beat.  All the food that we ate tonight are well executed, a few dishes were just ok but overall they got high marks from our group.  Our waiter was very friendly, helpful, and very knowledgably of the food they served  and we also got really good service.

We definitely will be back again.



855 El Camino Real, Suite 130

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Tel: 650 321 0512


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