Thuan -A week in California - 10/11/08-10/17/08

Thuan is landing in San Francisco this afternoon (Saturday) and we already have a full agenda for him.  Tonight, we are invited to Thuy and Duy for a BBQ dinner to inaugurate their new patio and new grill

Hoa and I checking out Thuy and Duy Brand new Patio!

Tuan and Thuan in the kitchen.


On Sunday, Kevin has Tennis lesson so the three of us walked around the track for an hour while waiting for his lesson to end.

Later on we went home to shower and then we met up with Tuan for lunch at Nhu Y, a Vietnamese restaurant.


Tuesday is Dinner at Chez Hanh and Tuan -10/14/08

Getting ready for Dinner....


Hanh prepared a Vietnamese family style dinner for the group and Thuan.  There were so much food but somehow we ate it all! 

By now we moved to another table for desserts, tea and coffee!


Time flew by so fast and it is already Friday, the last day in California for Thuan.  Anh Huy and Anh Hung going to have Pho before taking Thuan to the airport!




Our house


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