Visiting Tutu, Toan and Chloe in Orange Country - 6/6/09

We got an e-mail on Wednesday from Tutu that she is in Los Angeles with Toan and Chloe visiting her mother in law so we decided within 24 hours that we all should drive down to visit her.


Tutu and Chloe.  Chloe is 13 months old and cute as a button!



Hoa has not seen Tutu for a least 5 years so here we are trying to catching up with her while Chloe is watching us.

Family portrait, Chloe, Tutu, Me, and Kevin.


We met up with Thuy/Thien at Phuc loc Tho, a huge Vietnamese shopping center, and hang around a bit until our dinner reservation at 7:00PM. 


Thien, Kevin, Toan, Tutu, Thuy, and I posing inside Phuc Loc Tho.  

The ladies... 


Dinner Time!

Thuy and Thien made dinner reservation for us at Seafood Cove ll.  This restaurant just opened about 2 weeks and we wanted to try it out.  

Each time we are in Los Angeles we always make to squeeze in a lobster dinner.  The lobster was so good! 


Tutu and Kevin...

Toan, Tutu and Kevin 

Thu, Me and Thuy enjoying a great meal!  There were so much food on the table but we somehow managed to polish it all.


Ong, Ba, Thien, and Duc busy eating....

Hoa, Ong & Ba (Thuy's parents). 


The next day...

The next day we picked up Tutu, Toan, and Chloe and drove them to Newport Shopping.   


Kevin and Tutu in the parking lot...


While the ladies went shopping (Thuy, Tutu and I), Kevin, Hoan and Toan just walked around with Chloe.  This shopping center is really nice, they have a pond with large fish and the kids really enjoy seeing the fish swimming.

Chloe is such a good baby!  She never cried nor fuss, she was  such a joy to be with. 



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