Another Birthday....3/3/07

The table is set up!  Tonight we are expecting 14 people for dinner!

I wish our house was bigger! Our table can only sit 14 maximum.   Too many friends, too little space!

Tonight we are celebrating my birthday!  Actually a belated birthday.

Manresa was such a disappointment so I wanted to have everyone over for a really nice sit down dinner in a relaxing atmosphere.  Let's hope my cooking will be up to expectations!  


The wine table is also set up.  Just waiting for our private sommelier to bring his exquisite wines from France.

Here is a quick view of the wines... I tell you all about it in detail at the end of our meal.

The champagnes are chilled and ready to be served!

The Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 1991 is excellent.  I usually don't really care for Champagne but this is bottle is just outstanding and I just love it! We have the Taittinger bottle for years and never found the right occasion to open it.  I am glad we opened it!  It was worth the wait!

Phuc, our private Sommelier Since he joined this group, we managed to deplete some of his best wines.

The kids having their dinner.  Hanh made her famous Meat Spaghetti with Jalapenos Marinara sauce and a large tray of Sheppard pie.  Yummm!


Dinner with the usual suspects!

The definition for "bon vivant" is a person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink.

Isn't it a perfect definition for this group?.  Moving forward, we shall be referred as "Les Bons Vivants" 


Next.... Dinner

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