Albany, New York-10/14/2016

Angelo's 677 prime

Angelo's 677 prime restaurant is high-end steak restaurant located on Broadway in Albany, NY.  We wanted to pick a very special Steak house for dinner and there is only two steaks house in Albany!   Angelo's has lot of positive reviews so I decided the reserve a table.



Local restaurateur Angelo Mazzone created a lot of buzz when he opened this contemporary steakhouse including a private wine club with a $5,000 membership fee. Since then it has become the place to see and be seen in Albany.



Wine on display located in the waiting area.

The bar is located right at the entrance.



The main dinning room is pretty large with rich hardwood panels and sumptuous leather chairs.

Our table.

The menu

Complimentary house bread with olive oil and garlic butter.

The bread is freshly out of the oven and then our waiter poured olive oil over the bread. It is absolutely delicious! 


You don't have to be a wine club member here as there is an extensive wine list to choose from.  Hoa selected The Chateau Gran Manye, 2009 from Saint Emilion.

Me, Hoa, Kriste and Kevin enjoying our appetizers.

We selected pan seared Foie Gras with rosemary corn break and honey drizzle.

Simply delicious!

Spicy meatballs served on a bed of Polenta.


On the left is a 22 oz. cowboy steak and on the right is the 32 oz. tomahawk

We ordered rare and that's exactly what we got.
Hoa and I we shared the steak.


Kristie and Kevin shared the 32 oz. tomahawk steak.

I thought it was cool that they carve "677" which is the number of their address.

ROASTED MUSHROOMS AND ONIONS, oyster, maitake, shiitake, crimini

Crispy French fries!


A look a our table with all the steaks and side dishes.

A server preparing banana flambé close to our table.

It is pretty entertaining to see and it is also pretty cool.

Once the flame died down, the server proceed to plate the dessert.

For dessert we opted for a Cronut (combination of croissant and donut) with salted dulce de leche and served with a creme Anglaise.  We came in the restaurant with very low expectation and we were so surprised that the steaks were really delicious.  The staff members were really friendly and they really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.  Service here is top notch and the restaurant has a really nice ambiance.  Overall, we enjoyed our meal here and will be back the next time we are in Albany.

677 broadway

Albany, NY 12207

Phone number (518) 427 7463


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