Sydney, Australia-12/26/2017 -1/1/2018

Day 2-Manly Beach continuation-12/27/2017


This area is where you see all the residential homes.

Garage door with nice painting.


Nice house perched on top with killer views of the ocean.


Lots of trees and vegetation in this area.


We are on Spring cove.  This area is where all the homes are worth over a million dollars.


Another nice house.


A jeep in the parking lot, ready for adventure.


This area is full of beautiful houses.


Interesting tree trunk.  Looks like a bunch of trees were planted too close and as they grey they fused together.


The international school of management campus.

The campus is surrounded by a 20 hectares of parklands and has extensive campus facilities


The building was originally built in 1885 as St Patrick's Seminary. The building is made from stone initially quarried from North Head with the finer stone coming from Pyrmont by boat.


The College stands at four stories high with a six level central bell tower and covers 60,000 square feet.


The entrance of the building.


View of Manly beach from the campus.


Another beach in Manly


Lots of people on this beach.


People enjoying the weather...

We are now back to the Corso the main street in Manly.


There are a lot of Vietnamese Fast food in Sydney.  Noticed how the spelled Pho (FUH).

We stopped here to have a quick bowl of pho and Banh Mi.


Kids playing in the street with the water coming up from the floor.


We are now taking the ferry back to Circular Quay.


Getting closer to the city.  Opera house is on the right.


Enjoying the sun while seating on the upper deck of the ferry.


View of the Quay as we are getting closer to Circular Quay.


Very nice area to walk around.


We have now reached Circular Quay.


Happy Hour

Around 4:00PM we decided to have Happy hour and this bar is located not too far from our hotel.


We were surprised to see so many Thai people in this bar.



NEXT... Dinner at Portenos





Our house


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