Sydney, Australia-12/26/2017 -1/1/2018

Day 2-Portenos - 12/27/2017


Portenos is an Argentinian restaurant located in the Surry Hills and is a great place to eat if you love meat.  The restaurant was recommended by one of my colleague in Sydney so we are definitely giving it a try.

Surry Hills is about 15 minutes away by car from our hotel in Darling Harbor. The restaurant just recently moved to this location so the front is modern and very open with glass windows from top to bottom.


Store front.


Reservation is hard to come by and good thing I reserved a table a month ahead but they told me for 2 people they could only sit us at the bar.


We selected a Malbec bottle of wine of course since we are eating at an Argentinian restaurant-Cheers!


The bar is full of liquors bottles and they also have a long list of wine with labels from Chile, Argentina and Spain


One of the wall is decorated with pictures of Argentinean football players.


This the view from our seat at the bar and if you look straight ahead you will see a BBQ pit called the parrilla (Argentinian barbeque).   Every day they will select an animal to roast and tonight it is a whole pig that is slow-roasted for eight hours before the doors even open and is always delicious. 


View of the BBQ pit from the bar


 As you can this is what is left of the whole pig and once it is sold out that's it for the evening so you do not want to come here too late.


Roasted pig with crispy skin.


OMG, one of the best roasted pig we ever had.  So succulent and simply to die for.


Next is a huge piece of Kobe wagyu skirt steak from Queensland.


The meat was served with wood roasted peppers and chimichurri.


Juicy and full of flavor and on top there is also a nice flavor of smokiness from the charcoal fire.


Really delicious but the portion is so big that we had a hard time finishing the dish.


For dessert we shared a flan caramel with a dulce de leche and whipped cream


Ending the meal with dessert and coffee.


As we were leaving the restaurant, look on the right and you will see that all the BBQ pit is empty.  The roasted pig is sold out.  Good thing we came at the right time and had a chance to eat the roasted pig.


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