Sydney, Australia-12/26/2017 -1/1/2018

Day 2-Manly Beach-12/27/2017


 Manly is most known for its beaches which is a popular tourist destination because it is easily accessible via a short 30 minute Ferry ride from Sydney's Circular Quay. There are many beaches on Manly but we are starting with the Northern beaches.  Manly features a long stretch of sand on the ocean side and a really nice scenic trail around the island.

We are now on Manly beach.


December is Australia is summer so that is a nice change for us.

This Dog looks just like Millie (Kevin's and Kristie's dog).



  Sandy beach.


There are not a lot of people on the beach.




Really nice boardwalk.








The boardwalk becomes a trail around the island.


Here you can see the trail that wrap around the island.


Very pleasant to walk around with magnificent view of the ocean and the town above


Rocky shore.


Interesting how trees can still grow on rocks.




Shell and Wave sculpture Created by Cliff Axelsen, the sculpture is located on Marine Parade in Manly. The design is organic in form carved out of a rock which fell from the towering cliff above.



There is another beach at the far end.


Here we are looking back at where we came from.



A little grove with palm trees.


This is Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve


There are more people on this beach because you can dive and snorkel here


Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve includes seven main types of habitat: sandy beaches, rocky shores, rocky reefs, kelp, sea grass beds, sandy seabed and open water.


Sign for the Cabbage Tree bay


We are now and the end of the Island.


This is the tip of Manly.



We are on the right of the map at the tip of island.


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Our house


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