Sydney, Australia-12/26/2017 -1/1/2018

Day 4-Walking tour continuation-12/29/2017

We are now on Macquarie place park located on the corner of Bridge and Loftus Streets. This triangular plot of land was a rare open space within the town that grew up at Sydney Cove after the first European settlement in 1788. 


Anchor and cannon from HMS "Sirius".

Sirius anchor salvaged from 1790 wreck of HMS "Sirius" on Norfolk island, salvaged in 1905 and erected here in 1907

The cannon from the same ship was used as a signal gun at South Head from 1810


Clove view of the Anchor.



Customs house located on land reclaimed from the harbor in the 1850s.  Customs House was built in a Classical Revival design and stands on the site of the first jetty built by the pioneer colonists in 1788. For many years, Customs House was not only a focal point for trade but also the building and square in front of it provided a focus for major national celebrations. Today Customs House Square plays host to numerous cultural events and exhibitions.


The Building is made of Pyrmont sandstone which features polished granite columns, a coat of arm and the face of Victoria carved in the stone above the main entrance.


One of the most spectacular features of Customs House is the 1:500 scale model of the Sydney's Central Business District embedded under the glass of the ground floor. The model was originally built for Customs House in 1998 and was housed in the former City Exhibition Space. With the latest refurbishments to Customs House, the model has been retained and updated and to give audiences a bird's eye view of the city of Sydney. The city model is a permanent feature at Customs House and available to view during building opening times.


Hoa and Kevin standing underneath the oldest pub in Sydney.


Suez Canal, a narrow cobblestone street originally known as Cornwall Lane but which at one point was an open sewer. Understandably, it drew the nickname "Sewers Canal". It was later filled in but for most of the 18th century was the haunt of prostitutes and gangsters.

This is Sydney shortest street located on Atherden Street with a row of four two stories Victorian complex built in 1881 and it is one of the historic focal points of Atherden street.



Statue of Biggles, a schnauzer dog who was a much loved member of the Rocks community.
Biggles was regarded as a local character among the residents and shopkeepers as he roamed the Rocks area, sometimes leaping from balconies in pursuit of cats.  Unfortunately for Biggles, his final leap was off a cliff near Macquarie's Chair after what was thought to have been a rat.  Biggles dies at the age of 14 and is now immortalized in the statue created by artist Anne Dybka, herself a resident of the Rocks.

First impressions is a sculpture with 3 sides located in Playfair Street in The Rocks. This sandstone relief was created by Bud Dumas in 1979 as a memorial to the convicts, soldiers and settlers who made up the original settlement at The Rocks


 This side of the sculpture features "The Settlers". Australia's first eleven free immigrants landed in Sydney in 1793.


The Soldier represented here is modeled on the North South Wales Corps.


The Rocks neighborhood.


The ASN Co building is a heritage-listed building located at 1-5 Hickson Road in the Rocks neighborhood. Completed in 1885 and built in the Pre-Federation Anglo Dutch style under the direction of William Wardell.  The building is currently used as an art gallery to display the works of Ken Done.


We are now at Circular Quay and this is the White Bay cruise Terminal.  Check out this enormous cruise boat.


The Sydney Harbor bridge.  Our walk ends here and it is lunch time so we are walking in the neighborhood looking for a restaurant.


Quick selfie of the three of us right after the end of the tour.


 Munich Brauhaus, a German restaurant has a good ambiance so we went ahead and got a table here.


It was hot so we were happy to get our drinks.  Ice tea for me and beer for Hoa and Kevin.




We were exhausted so this is really nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a cold drink.

The three of us shared a plate of grilled sausages with mash potatoes and a plate of fish and chips with French Fries.


We were hungry so everything tasted really good especially with a cold bear



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