A dual birthday celebration at Justin's- 2/8/14

The restaurant The food  Cake and gifts

Our tradition after dinner is to go back to somebody house for coffee and dessert.  Tonight we are going back to Loan's and Minh's house where a assortment of desserts are waiting for us.

Home made Rum babas, Choux à la crème, Apple cake, creme Anglaise, and Longan.


Hanh and I we are peeling a few asian pears in the kitchen...


Candles are lit ...

While waiting for Minh to play "happy birthday on the piano... jokes are told and I am definitely cracking up!

People are singing Happy birthday to us...

Blowing out the candles.

Home made Apple cake


Home made rum babas with creme Anglaise

Store bought choux à la crème


Opening the Gifts

Even though I told everyone to skip on presents this year as taking us out to dinning out was all we needed but then we got back to the house there were plenty of gifts waiting for us.

We did not take pictures of all the gifts.

Nice shirt for Phuc!

Somebody is having fun...


 opening a gift...


Did not have my reading glasses ready so I am squinting and trying to read.  Impossible to see so I thought I got a box of chocolate but it turns out to bemake up. .. We all had a good laugh about the mistake.

Opening another gift..

Phuc and Huyen are simply too generous!  I got a pair of Cartier Sunglasses.   Love it!

 As usual we always have fu no matter where we go...Thanks everyone for a wonderful birthday!

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