Dinner at Cockscomb- San francisco-2/13/2016

Kevin is driving home for my birthday this year.  Kevin loves meat so I reserve a table at Cockscombs in San Francisco.

This is my third time at Cockscomb.


The atmosphere at Cockscomb is pretty relax and casual.  Put you right at ease...


Kevin and I...


Hoa ordered an old fashion cocktail and the bar tender did a very good job!



This dish is called "Hot Mess"

It is not listed on the menu this a special of the day.


Pan seared foie gras (3oz) on a toasted sour dough bread, braised pig trotter, caramelized mandarin, and orange marmalade.

This is  a really fantastic dish.  The foie gras was decadent, the sauce was unctuous that it warms your heart like you were eating comfort food, the mandarin was also delicious as you can also eat the peel...

2 thumbs up for this dish.


Home made pâté was very flavorful and is not gamy at all.  The bread that came with it was crusty, cut on the thick side, toasted and lightly buttered-excellent bread.


This is our appetizers: Hot mess  and Pate.

Hoa ordered a glass of red wine to go with the steaks

Pin Bone Steak with bone marrow dip

This is huge piece of meat weigh in at 4 pounds.


We ordered our steak rare... might look raw but that is the way we like it.

We also ordered a side dish of  potatoes- it is really good, crunchy on the outside.



We could not finish the whole thing but I think we ate most of it.  We took the remaining steak home.


Coffee for two


For dessert I ordered a bake apple with mild blue cheese and crumble



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