Aspiring Iron chefs, Valentine and birthday celebration! 2/18/12

Table set up Iron chefs Dinner Cake/Gift

The amazing louis vuitton cake and gifts

The Amazing Louis Vuitton cake hand crafted by Maily

Over 2 days to complete the whole cake!  Look at the details of the cake it is pretty amazing!


Minh was commenting that the corners of the cake are made just like the real purse!

Kudos to Maily to such a gorgeous and amazing cake!


Time to open the gifts!

I am looking at a St. John Charms bracelet from Maily and Mui.


It is a really cute bracelet so everyone is checking it out...

I am wearing right away the bracelet!

Opening gift from Hanh and Tuan..

Beautiful silk blouse from Theory.  Theory is Hoa's favorite brand that's why I am showing it to him...

Opening gift from Huyen and Phuc!  It's a gorgeous and classy pair of Chanel reading glasses! 


Here I am checking out a St. John blouse from Loan and Minh.

All the ladies together showing off the fabulous cake!

This is once in a life time cake so might as well enjoy looking at it every minutes.

We also brought out Spencer's special brownies.

None of us wanted to eat the cake because it was so fancy and we don't want to cut it.

In the end, before we left we decided to cut a piece for everyone to take home.

This was by far one of the most entertaining party with all the aspiring chefs!  Everyone pulled together and the result was a memorable party!

Special thanks to Tuan and Hanh for organizing the party and cooking for all of us!

Thank you to Maily for baking an amazing cake and of course to all the aspiring chefs for putting on a great show!


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