Bordeaux-4/10- 4/13/2016

Le chien de Pavlov - 4/12/2016

Le chien de Pavlov means Pavlov's dog is a hip and young Bistro in Bordeaux that found online. On their website this is what written about the restaurant:

Opened on 15 January 2014, Le chien de Pavlov is the result of two common passions for ping pong and cheesecake.  The bistro is run by Mary and Max.

About Mary: Born in Bordeaux, is exiled to the capital to study cooking in the great Ferrandi school. She worked with major Parisian restaurants like Plaza Ath้n้e or at Michel Rostang before becoming chef in a cooking school for 2 years.

About Max: 100% from Brittany, he was responsible for running the front of restaurants for years. An avid cook, he started and became a personal chef for a professional football player and was also chef of a culinary cooking school.
At 27, Mary and Max opened the Chien de Pavlov, a place where they can showcase their culinary expression : a creative and un-complicated bistro , with cooking classes galore, corporate events, and their sauce, they will make you drool.




Located downtown in the Hotel de Ville-Quinconces which is a very touristy area.


Our reservation is at 8:00PM and the restaurant is pretty empty. Apparently we were considered early birds for dining this early.

The restaurant was full by 8:30PM-9:00PM.


Art hanging on the wall.

The menu changes daily so it is written on a portable black board.  Waiter will bring the black board to the customers' table to select their meal.


We ordered a braised  Octopus, julienned Buddha's palm squash, cubed Kiwi , in a hibiscus foam- €8

Maki foie gras and sea bass, smoked eel with Clementine sauce - €10


I am not sure about this dish!  We like the idea of eating foie gras and sea bass in a roll but the sauce did not work for me.

On the weird side but they did a good job with the presentation.


Main Dishes

We ordered 3 dishes to be shared among the 4 of us

1-Cocotte d'agneau, pappardelle, Legumes de saison- Lamb casserole, pappardelle, vegetable in season -€18

2-Pluma Iberique, shitake, riz noir- Iberico pork, shitake mushroom, black rice -€21

3-Peche du jour (Daurade), asperges, mini legumes-catch of the day (dorade), asparagus, mini vegetables.- €18

View of all 3 dishes.

Lamb casserole- €18

Iberico pork loin with black rice.

You can really see in here but the pork came out and it was on the pink side.  We ask the waiter if this is a bit too raw and he said absolutely not!  This is how we eat Iberico pork loin.


Nice dish, the fish was fresh but nothing was special!



Veloute coco, Ananas, sorbet de mangue- cardomone - Coconut velvety, pineapple, mango sorbet & cardamom- €8


Beautiful presentation and it is also delicious.  I love coconut ice cream so I am bit partial.

All the flavors goes well together and I like they added a bit of crunchy texture.


Le chien de Pavlov tries hard to be different from other French restaurant by playing with flavors and fusing different cuisine.  The presentation is beautiful but the flavor is not quite there. I did not love it but did not hate it either.  It jus an okay bistro if you are tired of eating traditional French dish. Reasonably priced, very good service and located in a popular and easy access.






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