Bordeaux-4/10- 4/13/2016


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Saint Emilion village-4/12/2016

Saint Émilion is a charming medieval village located in the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine area. It is a very unique site were world-famous wineries, fine wine, beautiful architecture and great monuments are a perfect match.

Saint Émilion is about a 40-minute drive east of Bordeaux and the village is really charming, covered in cobblestones and surrounded by miles of vineyards.


La porte de la Maison de la Cadène-Gate of the Cadène's house

The gate of the Cadène's house is a small door in the city of Saint Emilion.  Located between two lane, it was named after the chain that was used to block access overnight - Cadena in Latin means chain.


Les Tertres-Cobbled Streets

Saint-Emilion has four Tertres, made of cobblestone, and featuring iron handrails to assist even the most tipsy of pedestrians! Their cobblestones were supposedly imported by English merchants, who had come to Bordeaux for its fine wine. On the way to France, the ships would be filled with stones, acting as ballast, and on the way back, the ship was filled to the brim with Bordeaux wine.

More cobblestone street.


The wash-houses

Remy took us to this old square and told us he is going to show us the first washing maching

Well it’s not really a square but a place where women came to wash clothes in the old days.


Beautiful little spot and nice that they decided to keep it.

Basically, maids will come here to do the laundry

If you have a tough time imagine how it was done in the old days..

 Basically women will lay the clothes out on the border (using it as a washboard), with a brush they will scrub the clothes and then rinse the clothes in the large basin.


Wine shops

Ets Martin is a the large wine store.

On display are the best of the best wine that money can buy.

Remy was showing us the wine on display.


Comptoir is another wine shop that carries expensive wine such as Petrus, Cheval, etc..


Store front


Only the best of the best - A bottle of Cheval 1945 is listed at 4,440 euros and Petrus 1945 for 12,600 euros.
I'll come back to get some when I win the lotto!





Our house


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 Mon  petit coin