Dinning in San Francisco - 4/14/08

We usually get out of town for Spring Break week but this year is an exception.  We wanted to spend a few days with Kevin so Hoa and I, we took a few days off.   We had Dinner reservation at Boulevard this evening and since the restaurant is in San Francisco we wanted to take the opportunity to go shopping and spend a few hours around the Union Square area, which is San Francisco's premier shopping district.  We had such a good time walking around and checking out the trendy, luxury and giant department stores lining the Square.  I always like shopping there but it is quite a drive so we just do not go to San Francisco very often these days.   Time went by so fast when you are having fun.... It is really close to 6:00PM so we took off and drove to Boulevard Restaurant (less than 10 minutes drive from Union Square).

This is outside out the restaurant.  It was amazingly windy and cold so the streets were pretty empty.  I think everyone rushed to be inside.

As  soon as you walked in the restaurant the warm lighting gives a really cozy and relaxing atmosphere which was such a big contrast with the cold and wind outside.

We had reservation at 6:30PM so the restaurant was not full yet.  On the right the kitchen is wide open for everyone to see how the food is prepared and cooked..

Kevin and I checking out the menu.  I realized that they changed the menu since we were there a year ago.

The appetizers

Kevin decided to have the SEARED SONOMA FOIE GRAS
House Made Crumpet, Strawberries & Aged Balsamic, English Breakfast Tea Air foam.  This is the 1st time Kevin had fresh Foie Gras and he loved it!

I had the AHI TUNA TARTARE with Wasabi Tobiko, Miso Mayo, Grapefruit
Taro Chips, Crispy Nori.

My dish was just okay!  The Tuna was fresh but I wish it has more taste.  Basically, it is raw Tuna with a very small amount of sauce on top of the Tuna.

Anyway, the dish did gave me a good idea; the next time I will use the Taro Chips and Crispy Nori to go with my Spicy Tuna dish.



The main Course

I selected the B.B.Q. ANGUS SHORT RIB SLOW COOKED & GRILLED served with Yukon Potato Risotto, Smoked Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Mariquita Farms Broccolini, Fresno Pepper Relish,  & Roasted Beef Jus. 

Kevin went with the HAWAIIAN SWORDFISH WILD CAUGHT & WOOD FIRE GRILLED with warm Roasted Cherokee Tomato & Savory Clam Vinaigrette
Rancho Gordo Cannellini Beans, Applewood Smoked Bacon
Knoll Farm Broccoli Rabe, Garlic & Thyme.


Hoa settled on the CALIFORNIA LAMB T-BONE WOOD OVEN ROASTED STUFFED WITH MUSHROOMS & RAPINI, Green Asparagus Tips, Fingerling Potatoes, Morel Mushroom Cream, Mustard Grilled Lamb Brisket, Rosemary Lamb Jus.

For dessert Hoa and I we shared the Triple Chocolate Napoleon Cake with
Banana, Chocolate Streusel, Fleur de Sel Caramel, Cocoa Nib Ice Cream


Okay so here is the deal!  The last time we ate at the Boulevard the food impressed us.  Every single plate was packed with flavor and beautifully prepared.  This time for some reason the food was good but did not get the "WOW" effect it did the first time.  We made a special trip to eat at Boulevard and I am not sure I will drive 40 minutes to eat there again.  Don't take me wrong here, the food was good but I am sure we can find restaurants in our area that can offer good food. 

Kevin on the other hand truly enjoyed his fresh Foie Gras and told us that he understands now why people are raving about its unique taste!




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