Boulevard - 4/28/07

The first thing you notice before entering Boulevard is the antique wooden revolving turn-style door.  Once you are in the restaurant you will be transported to the Belle Époque era with soft light filtering through the bustling dining room, illuminating art-nouveau details like sculptured light sconces and mosaic floors.   A peacock mosaic design covers the entire bar floor with counter seating.   The restaurant is located in the renovated 1889 Audiffred building.  The Audiffred Building was one of a few downtown structures to survive the 1906 earthquake.

The highly charged energy Kitchen is in open view allowing guests to watch the activity in the exhibition kitchen with its wood-burning oven.




Our journey started with a cookbook!  I bought this beautiful cookbook without knowing that Boulevard was located in San Francisco. When I found that out,  Boulevard was added to my "to go" list.   Tuan Ngo also heard from his colleagues that this is nice place to dine.  So here we are....

Hanh and Tuan standing right at the entrance next to the tiny reception desk.

Huyen, Me and Hanh standing next to the busy bar. 

Since our dinner reservation was at 8:45PM,  all of us met up at my house for a few cocktails before heading off  to San Francisco.  

While waiting for our table,  Hoa noticed this room situated between the bar and the kitchen.  It is a private room, that can sit 12/14 people max.  Reservation can be made 6 weeks ahead.  Next time we will request this room for our regular group.


The cast

Doan and Tuan

Hanh and Tuan

Phuc and Huyen


Hoa and I

Next... Starters



Our house


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