4 days in Budapest-07/21-7/24/2018

Day 3- Trattoria Toscana-7-23-2018


We tried Hungarian food but it is not great so tonight we are going to Trattoria Toscana, one of the best Italian restaurant in Budapest.

Last night we dined at Taverna Dionysos (Blue awnings) and we saw Trattoria Toscana located next door and we checked it out before making a reservation for tonight. 

In this picture Trattoria Toscana is the restaurant and the end of the first block and before Taverna Dionysos, the one with the blue awnings.


Trattoria Toscana is located on Belgrade Quay which is the equivalent of La promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.

Lots of nice restaurants on this quay.


We are happy to have a good meal tonight.


Hoa and Minh made their wine selection for the evening.




The wine is chilled and it is actually pretty good.


Starting with a plate with Bruschetta


The restaurant is know for their seafood so we ordered a fish stew which so delicious.


Fresh seafood and perfect with a glass of Chardonnay.


Squid ink fettuccine


The colors are so vibrant and it is also so delectable.



Grilled assorted vegetables.


Sautéed spinach


We forgot to take a picture of the fish until we ate the whole thing.

So good that there is nothing left....


Panna cotta with raspberry sauce and fresh blueberries.


Very nice dessert!




Also delicious.



Our waiter was so nice that they gave us a round of Limoncello on the house.



Coffee to end the meal...


Very nice view from the restaurant.

We are so glad we came here as the food was really delicous and the waiters are also very friendly.

We staying here awhile until it is time for us to get to boat tour...



Next....River cruise on the Danube




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