4 days in Budapest-07/21-7/24/2018

Day 2- Walking around town
St. Stephen's Basilica interiors-7/22/19

There are lots of people taking turn to get inside the basilica.


The cost to get in is 1,100 Huf which is around $3.50

For an additional few dollars you can also climb 364 steps to the dome.  We opted not to do that, too old to climb up there.


As you soon as you walk in, the inside is huge and can hold more than 8,500 people.


Massive interiors covered in black, white, and burgundy marbles.


Tall ornate columns-really beautiful inside.


Small altar on the side

Details on an ornate wall candle holder.


Saint Theresa statue in white marble.


Beautiful painting by Gyula Benczur circa 1901-St. Stephen offers his crown and ask he Virgin Mary to become the patron of Hungary.


Close look at the painting.  This painting is one of most valuable art inside the basilica.


View of the painting a bit further.

The inside is so grand and gorgeous.  This one of the side altar with a painting of Jesus Christ on the cross.


Closer look at the painting of Jesus Christ.



The famous Dome view from the inside.

It took more than 50 years to built the Basilica starting in 1851 and the inauguration ceremony took place in 1906 and was attended by Emperor Franz Joseph.  During its construction in 1867 the dome collapsed and the architect Jozsef Hild had to draw new plans but he died before the completion of the basilica. Miklos Ybl took over the plans and finished the work according to Hild's design.


Close look at the dome.

This is the most valuable artwork in the basilica is the mosaic on the dome based of Gyala Benczur's oil painting depicting the allegories of the holy mass.


Originally designed in neo-classical style, the Basilica was finished in neo-renaissance style with a dome measuring 315 feet high which is the same height as the Budapest Parliament building and symbolizing that worldly and spiritual thinking have the same importance.  According to current regulations there cannot be taller buildings over 315 feet in Budapest.


The organ

The acoustics of Budapest’s St. Stephen’s Basilica are simply unparalleled. If you enjoy classical music, you have to go see the concerts on this imposing stage. The frequent celebration of auditions of sacred music and its organ recitals are famous throughout Europe. Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart are regulars in the cathedral.



Lots of chairs for people to sit.  Chairs are facing the main altar.


This is the main Altar with statue of St. Stephen in the center, carved out from Carrara marble by Alajos Stróbl, Gabriel archangel holds the Holy Crown above the head of the king.


Marble statue of Ladislavs


Close look at Gabriel archangel holds the Holy Crown above the head of the king.

Close look at St. Stephen's statue.


Behind the altar there is a cabinet with the "Holy right hand of St. Stephen, 1st King of Hungary
You can read the story by clicking on this LINK


We are now headed toward the exit


Confession pew
Small chapel on the side


You can pay tribute by lighting up a candle.


Donations are accepted to light up a candle


Ornate wooden door inside the basilica

leaving the basilica...

Ornate and intricate ceiling design.


Close view of the portico (entrance door)


View of the square from the basilica.  There are a lot nice shops on the square


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